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The Coil Master Ready Box is efficiently designed with three pairs of
high-performance coil configurations that eliminates the hassle of wire
building along with pre-cut organic cotton strips for added convenience.
Each coil is machine-twisted for precise and consistent building material,
presenting different types of structures optimized for flavor creation and
vapor-orientated performance. Each Ready Box comes in an efficient portable
box to carry 12 strips of organic coils and a total of 6 prebuilt coils of
the following configuration: Fused Clapton, Clapton Parallel, and Triple

*Main Features:*

– Includes 6 Prebuilt Coils & 12 Organic Cotton Strips
– Protective Packaging Box
– Fused Clapton – 26*2+39AWG – 0.3ohm Ni80
– Clapton Parallel – 26*2+39+26AWG – 0.3ohm Ni80
– Triple Clapton – 26*3+40AWG – 0.25ohm A1+Ni80